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Meet Josh Alexander, Seattle Voiceover Artist & Voice Actor!

About Josh

Joshua is a super voice and a super guy!  Josh is a prolific blogger, maintaining "The Voices In My Head Blog": a hilarious and satirical look at life through the eyes of a voiceover talent.  Josh used to maintain an informational blog, but felt his true calling was "edutainment", and thus, The Voices In My Head Blog was born.  Check it out and subscribe!  You'll laugh!  (It's unavoidable.)  You'll cry!  (Josh cuts onions over each post.)  You'll subscribe! (resistance is futile.)  Enjoy loads of inspiration and laughter along your voiceover journey, as you absorb each wonderful blog written in the style of Dave Barry, with comical inspirations from Steven Wright, Mitch Hedberg, Brian Regan and Demetri Martin.

Check out all of Josh's blog entries here!

Josh has also penned a few wonderful voiceover books so far!  Three of them fall under "The Super Voiceover Artist Book Series."  Here they are:

  • "VOICEOVERS: A Super Business ∙ A Super Life" (first book in the series), which is a chronicle of his odyssey in voiceovers and business since 1993.  It's a rich trove of poetic and satirical insight, and comes loaded with tips, tricks and business insights.  Josh's book is a massive collection of musings and inspiration to bring joy and laughter to your own voiceover journey.
  • "VOICEOVERS: A Super Fun Pursuit" (second book in the series), which is subtitled "More random stories of life as seen through the eyes of some voiceover guy."  Following in the footsteps of Dave Barry once again, this is a chronicle of Josh's journey in voiceovers, particularly through the pandemic of 2020, and how he navigated through it to achieve a record-smashing year in VO.
  • "VOICEOVERS: A Super Responsibility" (third book in the series), subtitled "Exploring The Incredible Responsibilities & Privileges Of Being A Trusted Storyteller".  This is a fitting end to a trilogy of books meant to inspire and show that a career in voiceovers truly is possible, but that there is an enormous responsibility in doing so - voiceovers are not to be endeavored in cavalierly!
  • "Running a Successful Voiceover Business": 138 pages of business-specific tips and directives to enable you to elevate your voiceover hobby to a revenue-churning machine.  Josh discusses marketing, advertising, networking, coaching, auditioning, licensing, branding, and so much more.

Visit and purchase any of Josh's books here.  These are books that are highly inspirational in nature, and meant to encourage those in the VO industry with a shot-in-the-arm of humor and a breath of fresh air.

Joshua has been interviewed countless times by podcasters and show hosts, and been a featured speaker at major international conferences such as VO AtlantaOneVoice and the Latino conference VoiceMasters.  

Joshua is a former traveling singer/speaker/performer, and has received airplay on KCMS 105.3FM in Seattle.  He loves his wife and two boys, and loves Jesus.  He lives a life of deep gratitude and joy, because he's content and found his calling.  He's a big fan of Superman, in case that wasn't clear already.  Oh yeah...and he's deathly afraid of spiders. No really.  Deathly.  Don't judge him. 

Joshua also runs The Global Voiceover Artists Network on Facebook, a thriving community of like-minded aspiring and veteran voice talent.  Joshua also ran the North Seattle & Everett Voiceover Meetup group which would meet monthly, hosting featured speakers and workshops.

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