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Warning!  I am a satirist!  If you do not have a sense of humor or are easily-offended, these blogs may not be for you. May I interest you in an innocuous episode of Peppa Pig instead?

...aka, "How To Approach A Voiceover Talent Agent"


Pick the Right One and Have a Fling

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“Now, now, Mr. Alexander,” you say.  “What is this juvenile behavior you are exhibiting by foisting your junior high antics in blog form?  What indeed is this dark sorcery?”

Well, to answer that, I have two words. Reid Montague.

At the behest of Mr. Montague (Mr. Capulet was busy touring), I have written a blog that:

  • facilitates the use of a word that brings tremendous enjoyment to prepubescents everywhere, and
  • has allowed me to use the word “behest” in a sentence.


In a recent coaching session with Reid (who reads), I had mentioned to him that when approaching agents, you should always tell them if you are in fact a booker.  Now, when I say "booker", I do not mean as in Booker, the TV show from 1989 starring Richard Grieco Jr which was a spinoff of 21 Jump Street starring Johnny Depp.  And I certainly do not mean Johnny Depp's quintessential character Captain Jack Sparrow, who was known to have relations with hookers.  No.  I said bookers.  There will be a quiz later.

What I mean is, someone who books voiceover jobs.  Agents are a business too!  They want to see that you are actually worth their investment.  More on that later.

However, Reid (who reads), thought that I had said “booger”, because he is apparently 13 and finds nasal gravel humorous.  I suspect belly button lint and farts may also be on his list.  I know they are on mine.  Stop judging me.  Boogers are funny and YOU KNOW IT.

By the way, what you call a skinny booger?  "Slim pickings."  You are welcome.

Couldn't resist posting this one. Sorry.


But boogers are not the point.  The point – and I often surprise myself by actually having one – is that I had said “booker”, not “booger.”  I surmise that Reid (who reads) knew this, but he insisted that I write this boog.  I mean blog.  So you could technically refer to this as a boog blog, because I am a booger.  I mean blogger.

Where was I.

Ah!  Reid.  And boogers.  Reid (who reads) and I were talking about being a booker.  And it is all too important that we actually book, if we want to impress agents.

I should know - at one point I had twelve agents. C’mon now, say it with me: overkill.


Pick Carefully

Pin on Magasnicklefritz

Agents are taking a risk on you by including you on their roster.  Let us consider one Josh Alexander for a moment.  Actually, let us consider two.

  • If an agent already has a Josh Alexander on their roster who is booking, and here comes another Josh Alexander (God forbid there are more than one of us) who requests to be on their roster but has no provable resumé of booking, they will not include Josh Alexander #2 on their roster because he sounds too much like Josh Alexander #1...and Josh Alexander #1 is already booking.
  • Conversely, if they do not have a Josh Alexander #1 on their roster, and here comes Josh Alexander #1 asking to be included on their roster, they are taking a risk by including Josh Alexander #1 on their roster because he might not be a booker...unless of course he can prove it. And if Josh Alexander #2 comes along and IS a booker, well, they might have to give Josh Alexander #1 the boot.


Far too many Josh Alexanders for my liking, and I suppose for yours as well.

So, to solve this conundrum, and to convince a voiceover talent agency to take a risk on you by adding you to their roster, you must convince them that you are a booger.  I mean booker.  The proof must be in the pudding, and you must be able to show tangible demonstrable booking numbers.  If those numbers are impressive enough (see #2 in that link), they will add you to their roster. Let us be realistic for a second: a talent agency is a business.  They want to make money too.  If you book work, you make money.  And when you make money, they make money too.  Everybody wins, and everyone nose that it truly is about how you pick them.

I was given this sage advice by the inimitable Jordan Reynolds, Audio Ninja*ducks to avoid throwing stars* And it has worked on two agencies that I am with so far, one with almost immediate effect and dialogue between myself and the agency.

Does this work on every talent agency?  Of course not.  Some low- and mid-tier agencies will accept you regardless.  And some top-tier agencies will not accept you regardless.  There are things to consider when choosing an agency. But for the ones that matter, how do you make a tissue dance?  You put a boogie in it.


Where can you find a list of talent agents?  Why, here, of course!

Want to receive a free email template on how I was advised to approach a talent agent?  Comment on this blog below, and I will send it to you!


Now, it goes without saying that you truly must be a booker.  But if you are, them that in your introductory email.  Tell them!  Show them your income numbers from the previous year if you dare.  That is what I did.  Show them your portfolio.  That is what I did.  Show them your YouTube playlist containing videos you have voiced.  That is what I did.

Good luck.  I hope they pick you, booger.

By the way, do you know what the difference is between a prince and a booger?  Well, a prince is heir to the throne, and a booger is thrown to the air.  Follow me for more royal nasal comedy.

I will see myself out.  This way is the exit, right?  Snot that way?

Now go book jobs.  Be picked and not flicked.

And Reid?  Keep on reiding.


Free illustrations of Cute

Used by permission from betsang_sweetV via Pixabay.  All rights reserved.





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52 thoughts on “Be A Booger – Lord Nose We Need More Boogers”

    1. Goober! HA! I see what you did there. But “d’oh” on me – I didn’t even use ‘goober’ in the blog! *retires from blogging effective immediately wearing a big T-Shirt that says “FAILURE” on it.

  1. Josh, I’m honored, over-exuberant, and on cloud nine that my immature antics and questionable hearing inspired this week’s (best) blog! If you were a booger, I’d certainly pick you first. I will never forget the first phone call I had with a talent agent who called me just as I was finishing an audition. It went something to the quite rapid tune of: “Hi, is this Reid?” Me: “it sure is!” not knowing if a well-researched telemarketer was on the other line. “Reid, I’m a talent agent from …, what have you booked?” And just like that, I had to tell them how I was a shiny booger, and I must have said just the right things, cause they picked (didn’t flick) me. That taught me that a successful booger should always have a client list and their elevator pitch locked and loaded in their mental tissue. #BeABooger

    1. Love the hashtag! A most critical addition to pick. Good on ya, my friend! You asked, I answered. And when someone asks me to blog on being picked, and mishears me when I say “booker”, well, let’s just say that this one was written in the hairs. I mean stars.

  2. This is good advice! Though I wonder if there are other ways to prove you are *potentially* bookable, even if you haven’t landed any professional work yet? Do agents care you voiced some fan dub work on YouTube? Do they care you did some free or super low budget Vo for local businesses?

    1. It really depends, as with most things, on the agent itself. Fan dubs are a dime a dozen. A less-experienced agent may think it’s cute enough to put you on their roster. A more experienced agent may look at the cute factor as annoying, or simply more cute than bankable. They want to see that other companies – particularly the big Fortune 500 ones and big game studios – are taking a risk on you. Anything that has great notoriety and exposure out there, anything that is super memorable, might be a great selling point. But again, results may vary.

  3. Humorous blog for sure! Thanks so much for the dad jokes and content😁I’d love the list as I am just getting into this and have zero direction! So thank you for sharing💗

  4. Great booger! I’m mean blog! Thank you for sharing! Do you have to have a paid iSpot account to create a page for the spots you voices? Would you have to ask the client to create a collection of the spots you voiced on iSpot and/or YouTube? Great entertaining blog as always.
    I’d like the template 🙃 Thank you in advance 🙏

    1. No you don’t, that’s a great question, Trecia! Basically, you would search for any of the spots that you’ve voiced, and then you would add yourself in the credits. It would have to through an approval process but it doesn’t take too long, thankfully. Once they confirm it’s you, you’re searchable by your own name. Then would simply tag yourself in other spots that you’ve voice acted in.

  5. I did think the title was kinda funny, but upon further reading, quickly realized it’snot. I’m immensely relieved to *actually* be reading about hookers. I mean bookers. Whew. Also, can confirm that Jordan Reynolds is a superstar, not to be confused with *throwing star*. He may also have throwing stars, which is cool, though if I remember correctly, may be illegal to possess in certain states. Though I was able to buy a Dane axe on Amazon despite living in California. Anyhoo, boogers. I mean bookers. Being a booker, myself… (typing that VERY carefully and checking it twice, in keeping with the situation) … I’m always curious and would love to compare notes and check out that email. I think I remember you mentioning something about it in a FB post a while back!

    1. Message template sent! May it serve you well as you pick your agents and don’t get flicked! Honestly, the whole process is snot what it’s cracked up to be. Just don’t be a goober through it all!

  6. If they are anything like the company I work for at the moment, they’ll also take you simply for being really good at what you do – you may just suck at finding work, LOL, like yours truly. I also know that skills can be learned! I’m glad you got rid of most of those agents – who shall dearly be missed. It was overkill for sure. I really do suspect there might be something I’m saying or not saying that is the problem, but we’ll see once I compare what I do to what you do.

    Why? Because this was a HUGE problem in the past. I’d usually have my 50 reasons ready why I was not right for the gig instead of saying: “Yes sir!” or “Yes sir!” if she had a ‘stache. haha.

    Point is – booking can really be dependent on the approach, the places you go looking and what you say – a perfectly defined trifecta disaster zone, hehehe.

    1. It really is all in the ask. Approaching agents is a lot like approaching direct marketing clients…you’re essentially asking the same thing: to be included on their roster for voiceover work. And ultimately, it depends on how you approach them and what carrots you dangle in front of them that suggest advantages for them in choosing you over someone else. Agents are little different in that regard.

      1. It is! You have not, because you ask not. Sometimes being ugly desperate doesn’t help, lol.
        I compared yours to mine. I think where I lack is presenting the advantage to their side as well. Will adjust that down the line for sure! 😀

        1. I learned that long ago – in marketing, it’s all about “what’s in it for me?” You have to present advantages and benefits to them casting you, rather than severely toot your own horn and brag about how good you are. It’s all about marketing in a way that highlights the immense good that they’re going to get out of it.

  7. As a VO wondering how to find an agent, i really liked this blog. As a writer who regularly blogged for part employers who did not share my somewhat twisted view of he world (thus most of my best blogs remained in draft format), I LOVE THIS BLOG!
    Well done, you kept me interested until the end and made me smile!

    1. My pleasure, Robert – thanks for reading and commenting! Make sure and subscribe for more weekly edutainment, and I made sure to email you the message template I use when approaching agents. Cheers and good luck!

  8. Oh, lord, just when my son and his friends are all grown up, somehow, somehow! I’ve been thrown back into the midst of snickering prepubescent male humor. (Thanks, Josh, for the walk down the boogied memory lane.) In between all the snotty references, there was a lot of great advice, so thanks for blowing your nose and sharing the used Kleenex of your accumulated boogers of wisdom. What’s next? Putting frogs down the shirts of your students to get spontaneous, totally authentic reactions to the copy? Hmmm, it could work, it could work….

    1. I will try that and let you know of my success rate! And… “used Kleenex of your accumulated boogers of wisdom”??? WOW. I must say I have been paid some pretty complimentary salutes in my twoscore and one-less-than-one-half-score years (work THAT one out while picking your nose, eh?), but that takes the booger cake! Thanks my friend. Glad you found it useful.

    1. Wow…with “my God, man” did I hear strains of Bones, Deforrest Kelley from Star Trek? Your next thought would naturally then be: “you green-booger’d, in-HUMAN!!!” 🙂

  9. You do know how to pick em Josh! Oh I know…booooo! Lol! I’m late to the party on this blog, but if you’re still sharing, would love to be included. Always enjoy your blogs and your humor. Thanks for the giggles and the advice!

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