How Vision Leads To Provision

If You Build It, He Will Come

Field of Dreams [Includes Digital Copy] [DVD] [1989] - Best Buy


The Heck With Corn; Let's Build A Baseball Field!

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I am not a huge fan of Kevin Costner, but Field of Dreams is a movie, and I like movies.  As a one-time baseball fan, I could not even tell you who plays anymore, but I think our Seattle baseball team scores plenty of hoops and touchdowns.  However, I saw this movie and was intrigued.  Mostly because the voice of Darth Vader is in it, and I will see any movie with the voice of Darth Vader.  Spoiler: he ends up being Luke's father.  Bonus: the movie also features Ray Liotta as the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson.  But Liotta just passed on, so there is even more reason to watch it, because Shoeless Joe Jackson really is a shoeless ghost now.


Kind of like Olivia Newton John – RIP – it was so sad to lose her, but I am sure she is regaling Jesus with her new hit,Let’s Get Spiritual Spiritual …I wanna get Spiritual…Let's get into Spiritual...lemme hear your former body talk...your former body talk...lemme hear your former body talk...”

Bless me, I went on a tangent, now didn't I.

Anyway - the creepy voiceover of “If You Build It, He Will Come” compels Kevin Costner’s character to raze his cornfield, which causes anguish to Farmers Consortiums everywhere, and starves hundreds of thousands of innocent children of their daily corn intake, just to build a giant stadium-quality baseball field in the middle of friggin' nowhere.  This is because Ray Kinsella, his character, has actually gone cockamamie meshugga in his membrane ding-a-ling noggin.

You did not know this, but in the prequel to Field of Dreams - which you and I never saw and which was never released in theaters for reasons that will become clearer to you in this blog - Ray is attacked by a giant pufferfish while swimming at Camp Lokanda as a youth, and things of course go horribly wrong (as they are wont to do in pufferfish attacks) when the aquatic Tetraodontidae burrows into his brain and makes him invest all of his money into a friendly acquaintance named Bernie Madoff who makes him join Amway and renames him “Harvey," all of which happen in an incredibly long run-on sentence that increases this blog's cumulative reading time.  Those are the true reasons why this movie was never released, and now you know.  It is not on Snopes yet because of the giant cover-up that I suspect involves the nerdy kid from Polar Express.

In the end, Ray went berserk, and decided to cross his legs in vintage 80’s style and wear overly tight Levi’s jeans on the cover of the DVD.  I am not lying!  If you look closely, you can see a Pufferfish swimming in the cornfield behind him, attacking the ghosts of the baseball players, who are also wearing tight pants.

I did not say this was a good movie.  I said it was a movie.  You need to pay attention.


From Need To Greed

Free illustrations of Clairvoyant

Used by permission from geralt via Pixabay


I believe God gives us provision to fulfill vision, if that vision is indeed supposed to happen.  Ray was given vision, and he then received pro-vision for it.  Sometimes, however, we can get obsessed with a desire for provision, and our vision gets sidetracked in all the trappings.   I am fairly certain this is why they are called trappings.  For your reading enjoyment, here is a good example of a bad example.

I had just watched a sensational name-it-claim-it Baptist preacher on TV.  I was feeling rather incredulous at his message, so I went into my garage that morning, stared intently at my Nissan, then closed my eyes, stretched out my hand toward it and spoke slowly and with much authority:


And lo!  When I didst verily open mine eyes, there in my garage was now parkethd…a…


That is not what I asked for, God.  I do not appreciate this one iota, do you hear me, God?  Creator of the Universe and of Revenge Lightning, are you listening to a word I am saying to you?!?!

At this point I think God may have been standing in line at the DMV (pretty sure He has a Honda), because I did not get a response, and my Nissan is still a Nissan, damnit.

Another time, when I was a child, I stared up at a passing 747 way up in the sky, put my hand to my temple and squinted my eyes to engage my imaginary telekinesis, whilst muttering  “Plummet….. plllluuummmmeeeetttttt…”  Thank God for Highly Ethical Jimmy on the opposite end of the block with his hand to his own temple, looking up and breathing “hold your course…. hoooolllldddd youuuurrrrr cooouuurrrssse….”  This of course has nothing to do with provision, other than keeping you here longer than you expected, which brings me an inexplicably sadistic sort of fulfillment.

I told you these were silly examples.  After all, this is my blog you are reading, so you should be well-acquainted with silliness by now.

But now let us talk about the way real vision works.


God on Speed-Dial


"Operator, Information?  Give me Jesus on the line."

I believe God hears prayers.  Now, I am very aware that this is the 7th instance of “God” (8th!) in this blog, and all of you are preparing to sue me for a breach of separation of church and voiceovers, and I think I see many of you currently fleeing for the hills at the very mention of the Almighty, carrying your beans, toilet paper and Enquirer magazines to ride out the coming Apocalypse.  By Apocalypse I mean they have let Roseanne Barr back on television.  By Roseanne Barr I mean Pufferfish.

I urge you to come back, and hear me out.

I recently had a bit of a slump.  I prayed for vision.  I prayed for an end to it.  Well, God answered, and he said “You have just said my name nine times in this blog.”  It's true, and he's right.  (He is God after all.)  TEN!

This circumstance is not unique to me.  I am hearing the same thing from many voice talent.  Here is where many voiceover artists are currently at:

  • We are in the midst of an economic downturn
  • Work is slow
  • Ad budgets are spent or down
  • Decision makers and casting agents are on vacation


All of that creates desperation.  Desperation then funnels undercutting and underbidding by those who are not team players, who then sell their voiceovers for less, out of a desire to just put something on the table.  Believe me, I get it.  This is why I penned an earlier blog about not selling out.

But let us stop the bleeding.  I believe that whomever you address them as, whether it's  "God" (11!) or "The Universe", if you are putting out this 'vibe' that says "I want jobs, and I will do whatever ethical thing it takes to get them", it will come back to you positively.  I am not talking about The Prosperity Gospel, I am talking about a constant all-consuming force within you that will not stop - ever - until you have what you need.

Every day I am tethered to the dream of living out a successful voiceover career, and I pray for it.

In my desperation, I was determined to claw out of it....and I got vision.  After receiving great feedback from colleagues like Aleesha Bake, subsequently, a business coaching endeavor was born.  It had always been there, taking up residence in my subconscious, slowly crock-potting its way to reality.  I just needed the spark: the catalyst, to do it: to bring it to life.  And whaddaya know, the day I launched, I suddenly received my first coaching client and four different voiceover jobs - and finally, after weeks on end, again hit (and exceeded!) my weekly $5000 revenue generated goal.

It takes vision for provision.  Vision that motivates you to get off your duff and whip something together; take action, or pull a Nike and "just do it."  Then, watch things happen and watch yourself get provision for it. As that Great Prophet Yoda said, "Try not. DO, or do not. There is no try."

Yoda.  Now THAT is a good movie with no weird Pufferfish and no Amway soap.

Now if you will excuse me, I must go drive my Merced- ...Nissan.







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23 thoughts on “How Vision Leads To Provision”

  1. I CAN’T STAND KEVIN COSTNER. But I promise to read your blog. Thanks again Josh for your weekly “edutainment.” I always look forward to sitting down to these with a nice mug of the hot stuff and my reading chair each Monday. I appreciate you taking the time. Have a great week – and I think I heard you were heading off on vacation, so I’ll gladly win all of your jobs this week instead of you!

  2. Hello Josh! This is my first visit to your blog! I’ve just launched my site and beginning to really push forward with my VO career. Check it out and I’d appreciate any tips to optimize my site. I’m going to subscribe to your blog and I may take one of your super voiceover classes to help with the business side of things!

    1. Welcome, William! Or…Wilcome, Welliam (said in my best Scottish accent). Thanks for visiting and commenting, and if there’s anything I can do to help, don’t hesitate to let me know! Cheers!

  3. You said my name!!!!! I feel extra special to be on the same blog as Kevin Costner and God – okay really just the latter.
    For reals though. I can’t wait to see your success continue to grow!!!

    1. I did! UH-LEE-SHUH. LOOK! I did it again!

      Lo contraire! I do believe that God and Kevin Costner would feel extra special to be in the same blog as you. Thank you my friend!

  4. You really nailed it with your assessment if where we’re all at right now. Times have been tough. I’m finding that that’s the test though. The test of our talents, our hard work, our patience, and our resilience, just to name a few… I want to give all my VO friends a big hug and tell them WE’RE GUNNA BE OK! Better times are coming.

    1. And I think I speak for all of us when I say “BRING THEM FREAKING ON RIGHT FREAKING NOW FREAKING PLEASE!!” Ahem, of course, uh, cough cough using lots of patience in the meanwhile cough cough.

  5. Forward looking with the steadfastness of a Jedi. I always admired how, in the face of danger and chaos, they always remained composed and forward focused, ever aware that it all fit into a bigger picture somehow.

  6. God would not have said that, because God is not actually God’s name. 😂

    Also every “Nissan” in this blog, I read in my head in an American accent which amused my little pea brain for a little while. The American pronunciation of Nissan just gets me. 😂

    I’m having an amusing kinda day. But to make this comment vaguely relevant to anything I shall now say something voiceover vision something provision voiceover et cetera voice acting.

    1. Haha that last sentence was so live-hashtaggy that it just made sense to me! And now your post is COMPLETELY relevant! I’m sure YAWHEH would approve, and that Nissan-loving Japanese folks would appreciate us all saying Nissan correctly. And God’s name correctly. And, well, everything correctly.

  7. “I believe God gives us provision to fulfill vision, if that vision is indeed supposed to happen.” Here is the crux. Not horcrux, that is a whole other thing. Wanting something isn’t the same as the vision of which you speak. The trick is knowing the difference.

    1. I agree! All too often we are found to be wishing on a star and projecting that as some kind of vision or destiny, when it’s altogether false. It’s nothing more than a wish. If it’s TRULY destiny, and that is the direction we were bound to go, then sure: you might say “the stars will align on that one.” But it’s not hollow, rudimentary, or selfish needs. Vision for something GRAND…something life-altering, awesome, benefitting you and others, super-normal, taking all the crafts and gifts and talents and skills and passions that you possess and applying them to something you were quite literally born to do…THAT is what begets provision. A prayer for winning the lottery does not beget provision. Planning long-term, praying, strategizing, intension and ensuring that your forward momentum takes you to a place of utter fulfillment for both you and others: THAT is what brings provision.

  8. This sounds like the perrrrrrrfect blog on prayer! My hubby and I pray regualarly that God would provide…and he does. But not often in the way that we thought that he would- it comes in some other fashion. you know? all those prayers Though – they really do lead somewhere in the end. Always 🙂 🙂

  9. Hahaha, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find someone that did not try to move something with their mind at some point! We’ve seen Matilda do it, we’ve seen Magneto do it and we’ve seen Sheldon try to do it in The Big Bang Theory, LOL. Isn’t it just the most useful of all super abilities?! Goodness!

    Yeah, I’m also not a fan of a lot of those messages… I’m actually a bit upset with those kinds of preachers, because all they do is say: “If you partner, you will get favor” or “breakthrough”. I do believe in partnering and in breakthroughs, but not without hard work and dedications. Funny how this verse is always left out: “For a dream cometh through the multitude of business;…” Ecclesiastes 5:3a, KJV. I left the latter part out, but you’ll get why if you go read it, LOL. These things NEVER fall on you like they portray it. Even the “testimonies” go something like: “My life was in ruins, unlike the movie, and I partnered with ministry name here and I got my car back, dog back, spouse back, house back in the outback, after throwing my back out and all without playing a country song that way!” Never mentioning the effort it took from them to pursue those goals… Part of the problem is that sometimes the deception is on purpose and sometimes it’s not. I didn’t know what I do now, when I got started with all my websites and stuff – if I did, I’d be much further along than just expecting GOD to drop it on me, lol. That’s the message I want them preaching – you have to work at it, but the LORD will absolutely help!… Too much to ask as we all head for the hills? hahaha. No disrespect to them, because I know they also work hard and they are not all that way, but man, the ones that are, are bad news…

    I’m glad you got to your goal again, the new business is looking good and that things are looking up! 😀

    1. Thanks so much, my friend! I appreciate it. Things are great and I’m GREAT-ful! And you’re right – a bird in the hand beats two in the bush, and many of these preachers offer only the ones in the bush once you give…but there’s never proof of the bird in the hand. Without going too much on that tangent, suffice it to say that their day will come. False prophets, harrummmph. Annnyyywaaayyyzzz….as you’re running for the hills, make sure to have vision and pray that there are actually hills! That would be a grand disappointment upon arrival if not. Say it with me now: “Lord, please let there be hills. It makes it so much harder to run for the hills when there are no hills. Right? Right, God? Are you listening to me God, or are you still at the DMV?”

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