And This Time, I’ll Keep It Off!

A Running Start (Continued from Last Week)



Look! If I Turn To the Side…

Turning to the Side

Alright, alright, you can still see me.  BUTT! - sorry - BUT! I have actively begun working out and am keeping to a decent schedule of regular workouts that do not include lifting my legs up on my recliner or doing a single forward-lunge for the beer on my coffee table (I keep it balanced on my tummy instead).

In fact, since last week's blog about how I had ballooned up to the size of a Macy's Day float, and the worrying development that small asteroids were starting to be sucked into me because of my huge gravitational pull, I have officially decided that I would like to be healthier.

Now, I do realize that some of you may also struggle with your own fitness.  I invite you to simply ask me what I currently weigh, and you will instantly feel better about everything, even Meatloaf.  Or, alternatively, meatloaf.

To lose weight, my latest workouts include:



This last one is my most favorite activity, because it involves my 6-year-old, Brennan, who desperately wants to be launched, inverted and to splash down into 4 feet of water ("again! again!") until my muscles are depleted, and my will to resist has been brute-force-excised, at which point this 6-year-old opportunist decides to put in his request for popsicles and money for toys.

Speaking of money, I’m also saving money by not purchasing fast food as often, and I will eventually be saving money through not paying the $352,765 I would have paid for all the emergency room visits I would have needed for them to repeatedly unclog my arteries of Taco Bell grease, and my kidney of those pesky Bottle Caps-driven stones.  As I previously indicated to my illustrious voiceover blogger colleague Craig Williams, I have decided I would like to live a long life for my wife and children.  They need me because I provide for them. Here I refer again to popsicles and toys.

Eventually however, this is my goal: to look as sexy as Sexy No-Tummy Craig Federighi (I am not kidding; that is his full name) of Apple, so that I can look sexy, and receive Apple products for free.  PS, did I mention he is sexy and has no tummy?

Craig Craig Federighi GIF - Craig Craig Federighi Craig Wwdc - Discover & Share GIFs

So that is where it stands, fellow voice actor.  You and I, in this sedentary career of ours, need to get our butts in gear.  Let's get sexy and have no tummy together, shall we?


App-etite for Health


I am going to be vulnerable for a second.  I am over 45, and thus, will soon be required to go in for a fun activity loved by all humans everywhere, called a colonoscopy.  This is a delightful procedure whereby the proctologist, a curiously giddy Irish chap named Dr. Colin O’Scopy, enters my body to see if he can finally find Jimmy Hoffa.

Rectal Exam GIFs | Tenor

I am kidding.  A colonoscopy is where a doctor inserts various things into my body via orifices that were intended as an exit only.  These things include probes, shovels, and giant nuclear missiles.  This is an important procedure for the sole purpose of seeing if I can remain calm while I am ripped apart from the inside.  Also to see if I do in fact have a colon, although I have been screaming all this time that I do, while they make me feel like a sock puppet.  Also none of them will ask me for my phone number before doing any of this.

Where was I.

Ahh yes!  I need to be very careful with my health now.  Thank God that there are now great apps that can help me do just that.  I am talking about apps like MapMyRun and MyFitnessPal.  This last one, especially, is wonderful, because it reminds me how much of a Miserable Failure Who Sucks I am each day.

It is almost the same as my little 3-foot Confidence Boost named Asher.  God bless my son, who does not quite yet know the word “fat.”  The other day I was getting out of the shower, and he was in the bathroom with me.  This is because showering alone, if you are a parent of a toddler, is a Thing That Does Not Exist.  Also I am confident I locked the door, so please add lockpicking to his burgeoning resumé.  Anyway, Asher gleefully exclaimed whilst pointing, “Look, Dada you have a big tummy!”  Thank you, Asher, I already know this.  Please remember I am 30,000 cheeseburgers ahead of you.

Little does Asher know that he also has a tummy, but I think what he was trying to say was “Look, Dada, you have a Giant Enormous Miserable Failure Who Sucks Tummy That Eats Everything And Did You Have A Bowling Ball For Lunch Dada?!?!?!?”  I guess I should be grateful that my tummy was the only thing he commented on concerning its size.

Nonetheless, I have resumed using the MyFitnessPal app because it is a great way of keeping track of my caloric intake, which up until last week was a number that is the same as how many galaxies the James Webb telescope can see.  I have now gotten it down to a more reasonable number, similar to the quantity of missiles that Russia has launched at Ukraine since May.

It is a little crazy, really, if you dare to think about it.  In this day and age of fast food and drive-throughs and European wars, it is hard to eat sensibly.  It really is.  My family and I braved the crowds at Wild Waves waterpark this past Monday, and I can confidently say that the amount we spent on lunch was equal to the gross domestic product of Montserrat.  I also thought it amusing that the actual cheeseburger I received looked nothing like the image of the ideal cheeseburger displayed on the overhead menu, which can be mine for the bargain price of only $36.99.

So these apps, you see, are critical for survival and maintaining order.  Therefore, I suggest that we petition Congress to immediately ship 100,000 of these fitness apps over to Russia and Ukraine, in order to protect innocent lives and stop the carnage.  If we all paid a little more attention to our caloric intake instead of always launching rockets at other nations, we might be a calmer, happier people, and stop hurling innocent children across backyard pools.

Except for Asher.  You can have him.  That way I can shower without knowing how big my, uh, tummy is.


By the Hair of My Double-Chinny-Chin-Chin

Chinny Chin Chin

See here: the truth of the matter is that I desperately would like to live a long life, at least until they finally find a cure for the epidemic of dying.  My sources tell me that all those born in 1765 have suffered a 100% mortality rate! This nuisance must be eradicated.  We as a people must be more health-conscious and make better choices.  And it starts with me, fellow voice actor.

That is why today, I am starting with the man in the mirror.  I am asking him to make a change.  And no message could have been any clearer!  If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at your big tummy, and make a change.  I think I speak for those who have died and would like to still be alive when I say, “Shum on!  Heehee.  Ow!”

Nana na, nana na, nana nana… oh-hoh-oh-oh-oh, duh, acchht, hiccup!

Michael Jackson dance gif | Michael jackson dance, Michael jackson gif, Michael jackson

Dear readers, I apologize for not taking good care of myself in terms of my health.  I am truly sorry that I let myself get to 1428 pounds.  And I pledge that with every day, I will continue to put my family’s needs before voiceovers: after all, my family needs me for popsicles and toys.

So I will commit to continuing to commit.  In fact, I will go so far as to say that I will continue to commit to continuing.  What I am saying is that there will be a continuing commitment to commit continuances of committal so that in continuing, my commitment will continue to continue.  To commit.

Thank you all for your support in this!

If you need me, my tummy and I will be in the pool preparing to throw Brennan just high enough for a James Webb photo.

In all sincerity, I am down 8 pounds since this past Monday.  That is a great start.  Onward and downward!  In fact, I have come up with a new exercise tip: nothing burns more calories than walking through a spider's web.  Follow me for more fitness tips!







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22 thoughts on “And This Time, I’ll Keep It Off!”

  1. josh you slay me! but it also looks like youre slaying ###YOURSELF### too! WAY TO GO! eight pounds in a siungle week? DANG. I dont think i’ve ever had such good progress on any of the diets that I’ve been at. Keep up the great work! Oh — and watch out for the proctologists and the prep before hand, Im told its murder! You don’t want to be the butt of their jokes! GET IT? GET IT????? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Why thank you! The unfortunate thing is that my wife was out all weekend, so, I, being a single parent, took the opportunity to ensure my children’s survival by monitoring them and spending time with them…whiiiiiiiiiich meant zero exercise….whiiiiiiiiiiiiiich meant back up 3 pounds. Grrr. Oh well. It all resets today! Thanks for the encouragement on the upcoming procto-fun. I’ve heard horror stories about the prep. Yeeshk.

    1. Thank you, Mr. Jon! Trying to stay alive just a little longer. It is AMAZING to me how much diet plays into it however…I keep finding that. I could literally do ZERO exercise, and yet if I maintained a good diet, I would lose weight. But if you screw up one day on your diet, you really pay for it, exercise or no.

  2. Hahaha, the similies on this one were awesome!
    It’s really shocking how expensive take aways are. Only take aways from blogs like this are affordable these days, hehe. Generally, only when I get paid, do I get us either a take away dinner or I buy smaller treats through-out the month. Sometimes both, but we’re talking sharing a slab between three.

    Like you, I’m also the current breadwinner and toy winner and whatever else winner there is, so I really try to be balanced myself. It’s very important to find as great a balance as we can, especially when walking the tight rope of freelancing, where you don’t really “clock out”. My PC is rendering as I type this.

    Thankfully done for the day – after this, I get to sleep and then get up at 3:45 to build on a website and post for Tuesday – NEW ONE!! WHOOOH!!! Can’t wait to share it!!

    Anyhow, I’m very proud of you in that you’re really doing it this time!! I know this is your moment!! I will budget for the spandex and pom-poms! haha. Seriously though – cheering you on!! YOU CAN DO THIS! 😀

    1. Thank you so much, my friend! I’m grateful. I slid back up a few pounds after this weekend so that’s a bit depressing because it is always SO easy to gain pounds, and always SO hard to lose. Ugh. But I’ll keep at it. I really appreciate the encouragement. Blender render that fender-bender, man! I can’t even pretend(er) to know what you know in terms of that kind of software. Mind=BLOWN. Keep up the great work!

      1. Don’t worry about those – they are nothing in the grand scheme of things. Obviously you know what to adjust and you know it’s not failure if your weight fluctuates a bit on the way down, which it will. In fact, your weight can vary a kilo or two just over the course of 1 day, simply because we still move, eat, drink, etc. Longer periods, like two weeks to a month are a much better gauge for progress and will be much more encouraging.

        Thank you!! 😀 I love it! Got another project this morning – just waiting on the resources from the office, then I can get on that! 😀 My hope is that the visual stuff in this stretch will open doors for other stuff – margin!

        Fun fact, Blender Render was the engine it originally shipped with. It was kinda a mix between a raytracer (VERY SLOW) and a game engine (real time), so it could deliver photorealism, but also be useable on your consumer level tech, and be functional in a production environment. It was cast out like last year’s garlic bread from the back of the fridge. Replaced with Eevee (no Pokemon harmed in the making of it), but still lacks some functionality – working incredibly well nonetheless. Wouldn’t use Blender Render again unless I absolutely have to – like when converting Exodus’ assets.

        1. Well – for me, ignorance is bliss. I’ll stick to voiceovers, man – I’m no match for you in the Blender category! (Except of course, perhaps with a nice fruit smoothie…)

  3. Good for you and way to go, Josh! As I’ve shared in my blog before, I also decided to make similar changes because I wanted to be around for my girls. And as you’ve also already aptly pointed out in your response to Mr. Jon Gardner, diet is everything. Like I said, we changed our diet solely for the long-term health benefits, and legitimate weight loss was a happy bonus. It’s crazy just how big an impact it has. One word of warning to you from my experience, though. You may end up saving money on fast food and other tasty life-shortening delicacies, but you’ll need a new budget line item for warm clothes. I never used to get cold, but since losing weight I am now ALWAYS cold. Word to the wise, invest in a nice cozy sweater!

    1. Thanks Tyler! And I hear that – I’ve actually HEARD that from others! So in lieu of a cozy sweater, does wearing five layers of voiceover-branded T-Shirts count instead? 🙂

  4. “So I will commit to continuing to commit. ”
    I. Like. This!!

    This is a big deal!! I am really proud of you, Josh! 8 lbs is a great achievement. Also, that was a pretty suave running shot. Watch out, Craig Fsasdfasdfg!!

    1. You got his name right while nursing!! I’m VERY impressed. Studies show that most nurses average only 57.926% accuracy spelling the names of Fortune 500 company executives. BRAVO!!!

  5. I’m Australian. 1428 pounds could be like two and a half kilograms for all I know. Pounds are so small and cute compared to the *cough cough* kilograms I’ve put on this winter.
    But I really like ice cream. And Tim Tams. Thankfully I have to walk a lot every day so I’m not the size of the Pacific Ocean just yet.
    Anyway. Good luck! 👍

    1. Thank you Sumara! What on earth are Tim Tams? Those sound like a pleasurable torment, haha! I love it. Thanks for the encouragement. Whatever kilogrammage or poundage I am, I hope I’m always still fabulous. That’s the goal at least. That, and finding out what Tim Tams are.

      1. Oh Josh! Find a supermarket that has an international food section and find some Tim Tams – they are chocolate cookies and I’m sure you will absolutely hate the layers of chocolate, cookie and gooey centre stuff. The double coat ones are the best.
        And eat them like this:
        With coffee or tea or hot chocolate.
        But, like, be careful. There a little bit addictive.

        1. I am SURE I will hate them! They sound disgusting and and oh so revoltingly chocolatey filthy. NO THANK YOU!! But…HEY! LOOK! Is that a UFO?!?!?!

          *dons stealth mask, heads to supermarket*

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