So You Wanna Be A Voice Actor, eh? (Part 2)

More Resources for the Growing Voiceover Artist!



If you missed part 1, it can be found here.

When Zach Hendrix recently asked me for a list of some of my most helpful blogs to be featured in upcoming supporting articles for voice talent, it served three purposes:

  • Flatter me
  • Inflate my ego
  • Make me blush and giggle like a teenage girl

Additionally, it inspired me to post yet another “Best Of” compilation of my most trafficked blogs for your viewing enjoyment, because I have had literally zero time this week to write a new blog.  Also it encouraged me to repent and confess that I have been lazy and unmotivated, sitting around like a fat Jabba sloth in my own slow-moving ooze, milkshake in one hand, salt lick in the other hand, and Fudgesicle in the other hand. Yes, I grew a third arm in my slothfulness.  I plan on eating it.

Ultimately, there are so many resources to sift through online, that one can feel like one who is sifting through resources online.  I am proficient at similes.

So with that, I humbly present to you The Compendium Extraordinaire For Resources To Equip You With The Utmost Knowledge In Succeeding At Voiceovers.  The acronym (patent-pending) is TCEFRTEYWTUKISAV.  One would pronounce this like tuh-keferr-tey-wutukee-sav."

But you may call it:

“Joshy’s Greatest Hits, Volume 2.”

Producing a "Best-Of Blog" is the same tactic that your favorite sitcom writers will occasionally employ when faced with writer’s block when the otherwise creative juices simply weren’t flowing.  It works.  Do not judge me.

So here are my top 5+ recent articles on various subjects.  I have decided after all to not eat my arm.  Instead, may I “arm” you with knowledge?

You are welcome.  I tried to compile some resources that give you encouragement and inspiration, and fall just short of promising you success. After all, no one can make any such guarantee of your own success.  Only you can do that.  Anyone promising you quick results or immediate success in VO is a charlatan at best and a wolf in sheep's clothing at worst.  Or a charlatan in sheep's clothing.  Or a sheep in wolf's clothing who is a charlatan.  Or a charlatan-wolf who likes to dress up as a sheep and still be a charlatan.  Or a charlatan wolf sheep whose DNA has all been fused together so that they howl at the moon while being deceptively shorn.

I will see myself out.

Here you go!  Consider yourself armed!


Arming You with knowledge on Starting Out


Arming You with Knowledge on Charging Market Rates


Arming You with Knowledge on Treating Voiceovers Like a Business


Arming You with Knowledge on Storytelling


Arming You with Tips For Success


Strong, Arm, Muscle, Muscles, Bodybuilder, Fitness

Used by permission from Clker-Free-Vector-Images via Pixabay


So there you have it.  You have been armed.  You will be an absolute indomitable success in 24 hours, for the lump sum of $359,742.99, and I take Visa.  It is truly everywhere you want to be, and I know you truly want to be everywhere in VO, so I will gladly charge you for it.  I promise you immediate results.  Baaaa.

This has been Joshy’s Greatest Hits, Volume 2.  Thank you for reading.





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4 thoughts on “So You Wanna Be A Voice Actor, eh? (Part 2)”

  1. “On the level of income possible in voiceovers, and your remote chances at earning any of it” BOOM! That just hits you right in the reality! hahaha.
    Love that line, it’s sooooo good, because it tells you that you can do really well, but you’re gonna have to gun it!

    So, sad news on that other ad project. They decided they didn’t like paying as much as they did my animation and VO, so I withdrew it and am now trying to piece it out like Nicolas Cage’s grounded plane in Africa. Already used the main character as a “spokesmodel” twice in two weeks! hehe.

    Bubbytown is gonna rock! 😀
    Keep up the great stuff!!! 😀

    PS, congrats on getting the domain!

    1. Thank you Marius! Truly excited about Bubbytown. BT are ya with me?!? Sorry to hear about your ad gig! And yes, it is so true. So many people bounce right out of voiceovers because they come in with such lofty aspirations and expectations, but aren’t prepared to foot the bill on the effort needed to get to said lofty aspirations.

      1. It keeps the ‘competition’ realistic. Stuff like this also makes me think of the LORD’s command to fill and earth and subdue it – there’s more than enough work and resources for everyone. Everyone just has to find their thing and do that.

        BT! Whoohoo!! 😀

        Always great to hear from you! 😀
        Have a stunning week!

  2. You went one step further than me! I was going to do a best of for the week I was on vacation, but………well……vacation!
    Some great insights in this compilation of voiceover tips.

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