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Slave to The Precious

Gollum, Lord Of The Rings, Action Figure, Sculpture

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Voiceovers have the ring of truth

Ring, Lord Of The Rings, Hobbit, Dragon, Magic

Used by permission from paxillop via Pixabay.


We all know and love The Lord of the Rings.  It is one of the most hallowed series of all time, up there with Star Wars, The Police Academy movies, and the 3-page menu of Chung's Chinese Take-Out.  It is tremendously vast in its scope, so that it compels you.  It is utterly engaging in its content, so that it draws you in.  I have now said “it” seven times, which, Biblically, is the number of completion, so I will stop it now.  Eight.

I choose herein to forego any mention of:

  • Indiana Jones, because of 4
  • The Matrix, because of 3 (and frankly 2 as well)
  • The Alien series, because of 3 (I will not allow 4 to exist in my world)
  • Also please let me clarify that when I say Star Wars, I am referring ONLY to Episodes IV, V and VI, which were originally 1, 2 and 3, but are now sequels that were first, and now are last, having been released previously to come afterwards.  Is everyone confused.

As an example, my only two takeaways from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace are:

I think it is possible to watch The Phantom Menace. In fact I will believe you if you say that it is just as easy as riding a bike.  Except the bike is on fire, you are on fire, everything is on fire, and you are burning like a torch in the fiery inferno of hell.

For me, I love The Lord of the Rings.  (Please note that I did not say The Hobbit, which is The Lord of the Rings dipped in spastic irritation.)  LOTR remains one of my favorite movie sagas, especially with all twenty-seven of its endings, and the sheer improbability that absolutely everyone survives: even Bilbo Baggins, who by the end of the series is older than Bernie Sanders.  All of the good guys survive!  Well, unless you try to take the ring from Frodo.  Then you do not even make it out of Movie One.  I am looking at you, Boromir.  (Sorry for the spoiler, dear reader; I assumed you do not still live in 2001).

And then there is Gollum.


Wait - why is this blog all Gollumy?


"Gollum" by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


I do not think that Gollum has enough blogs written about him, my precious, and so it is only fair.

Oh, that Sméagol: what a characters.  Utterly enslaved to the corrupting allure of the Ring, his precious, he would do anything to get it back.  Kind of like me when Family Ties went off the air.  Or when Sean Young wanted to play Catwoman so bad that she went completely mad and torpedoed her career.  Let this be a lesson to approach superhero movie roles soberly.  I know I do when I receive all those auditions for portly Taco Bell-eating crime-fighters.

Recently I had my own Precious made.  It’s a titanium ring, and on the inside are inscribed the names of the three people dearest to me.  By dearest I do not mean Judge Judy, Satchmo or Fizzgig from The Dark Crystal.  This time I mean my wife and my two sons, whose names are laser-etched in font size 2 and in some form of ancient Sanskrit that makes it impossible to see unless you throw it into the fire, which I am told summons the dark magic.  By dark magic I mean Tracy Chapman music.  What is it with people throwing rings into fire to read them anyway?

My ring is very precious to me.  I wear it all the time.  A few days ago I began ruminating as I donned it for the day.  Lifting it on its chain over my head and down onto my neck, I was struck by nine immutable things:

  1. How heavy it is.
  2. How beautiful it is.
  3. My cranium is so large that small asteroids are sucked in by its huge gravitational pull.
  4. I need to look up the definition of immutable.
  5. I need to buy milk today.
  6. Nope, still cannot read the inscribed names.
  7. Why nine immutable things?
  8. Why does ruminating sound like a verb meaning to unscramble a multi-colored cube?
  9. I am able to do something utterly mundane and have it conjure up random ideas for a strange new blog for bored voice talent on Monday.

...which is precisely what ended up happening!  You are here because you were bored and you needed something random.  And you are a voice talent.  And it is Monday.

I am sort of like Gollum.  Here are just some of the key ways I compare my family to the Ring:

  • My family is the most precious thing in my life.
  • They are a burden.
  • I am enslaved to them.
  • I desire them above all else.
  • They are utterly beautiful.
  • Some of the strength of our bond has been formed in fire.
  • It is hard to be away from them, and I find that the separation causes anxiety.
  • I have a tremendous responsibility to carry them.
  • This responsibility sometimes makes me weary, at which point I find myself craving a flagon of ale served with a leg of lamb and a phone to Tweet to people that I have now updated my jargon to include the word "flagon."

In fact, the only real difference between my family and the Ring is that I feel no calling to drop each of them into a volcano.  Well, maybe Brennan sometimes, when he insists that my commands are to be taken humorously and that obedience is somehow subjective and optional.  Then I might.  But then Asher would have no brother to learn the art of misbehavior from, and I firmly believe this is an art form that should be preserved.

Like Gollum to the Ring, I am slave to my family.  Like Gollum to the Ring, my family is my reason for living.  Like Gollum to the Ring, I am wrinkly, eat raw fish and wander around half-naked, talking about myself in the plural.  (But we only does that on Thursdays, yes precious, we does.)


What are you slave to?


"Gollum" by San Diego Shooter is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Ultimately, we are capable of becoming enslaved to a wide variety of things.  For me, that is Bottle Caps candy and Taco Bell.  IMHO, there are plenty of other things that could be a much more negative vice.  Like scalping homeless people in their sleep.  Licking the red stripes off of candy canes and hanging little white hooks back up on the shelves.  Having a pet tardigrade.  Splicing plutonium atoms.  Creating my own humans.  See?  Negative.

My therapist says I should not be allowed to make lists.

During the course of any given week, I perform 5-10 free video consults for voiceover newcomers.  One of the things that I routinely find myself saying to them is “Hello, nice to meet you,” as I have previously been instructed that this is what you say when you meet someone new.  But I also tell them that I “live, sleep, eat, drink and breathe voiceovers.”  This is a true statement.  It has become a career that is utterly precious to me, and one that I would not willingly untether from or allow to be destroyed.  I would bite Frodo’s finger off too if it meant keeping voiceovers. So just watch your back, Mr. Frodo.  And your finger.

Voiceovers are my precious.  So is my family.  So is my faith.  Heck, I have a lot of preciouses, which is a word I have just coined.  You read it here first, folks.  But with voiceovers in particular, they are a pleasurable torment that I willingly enslave myself to, because they enrich our lives and allow me to provide for my family and turn our dreams into reality.

How many preciouses do you have, and how precious are they?  Would you give your all for them?  Would you die for them?  Are there things you are currently dying for, which you have no business being allegiant to?  Are they corrupting you, or improving you?  In your addiction, can you see through the fog to know the difference?

If not, then please just pick me up another box of immutable Bottle Caps, some milk and a finger.  Come on over, and we will have a nice chat, my precious.  I will initiate the conversation with a hearty "Hello, nice to meet you."  And you will find that you can sleep with your eyes open.





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Joshua Alexander
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23 thoughts on “Voiceoversss, Yesss My Preciousss”

  1. Hah! That Taco Liberty Bell mention was placed especially for you, Joshua Alexander!

    Also – why have you not started hosting nightly small asteroid / shooting star gatherings?! Your gravity-head is a gift, my friend!

  2. I love thesssse new audio versionsss you are doing, Sssir Jossssssh! Thank u for another sssplendid ssscripting !!!

  3. “box of immutable Bottle Caps, some milk and a finger” hahaha, no thanx, I already ate, LOL.

    The I need to buy milk today reminded me of a line from Joey that was so good. There was another actor who kept giving him false locations and times for auditions so he’d flop out, and he went by Brian Michael David Scott, so Joey wrote it down on his hand before he confronted him. After Brian locked him in a room with another lie, he was like: “Darn you! [wrong hand] Get milk! [right hand] Brian Michael David Scott!”
    hahaha. That quote is a precious for sure! hahaha.

    I have many a precious
    – but some are only for this world – hoping to make an impact for later. There’s a lot of movies, series and music I wanna do, but they are all lumped into the category of “LORD willing, I will do this or that”.
    – Of course I miss one of the most precious things to me and that is my Doodles that went to be with the LORD a few years back. Miss him so so much.
    – As cliche as it is, the LORD is my most precious.

    My research and development of nodegroups and other work has been very precious to me, because of the time spent with my MOST PRECIOUS to actually get them done. HE’s the only precious I would think to die for.

    I do have a bit of an odd precious related to my circumstances. I don’t want to fail and lose everything because stupid. That is unconscionable to me! But, if, say the mark is instituted tomorrow, I’d walk away from it with a smile. It’s the weirdest feeling, LOL. I do consider the psychological ramifications that would come after, such as what would I do if I can’t act, sing, animate, etc. I have no idea. We have gotten some inspiring ideas, like waiting in a hotel lobby with special robes, but you know, that’s just not sensible to sit and wait for better days, lol.

    Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
    My heart is in everything I do, so I do find the consequential side of things quite interesting to ponder, hehe.

    Thanx for a great post and awesome idea with the ring!! Not “The Ring” just the ring with the names, lol. The other one can be thrown into the fire though, lol.

      1. No no no, then we would’ve ended up with evil Eagle Lords! Then what would we do?

        Um, not “we”, I guess. Cos they’re not real. And stuff. Fictional, ya know.

        1. THIS is why I need my fellow bloggers. You, my dear Fabulous Aussie Chick (F.A.C.) have just revealed an impossible plot twist that would have sent theatergoers home in shock. I applaud you for thinking outside of the immutable box!

      2. Not that specifically, lol, but there are many questions, all of which cut the adventure to within a paragraph, leaving no adventure story – which is why I love honest trailers most of the time. If I wanna know if I’ll like something, honest trailers. Tried watching the 1st movie and was bored – I’m sorry! lol.

        That Sonic The Hedgehog movie where people had a huge problem with his design – it was actually really good! Jim Carrey as Robotnic gave him a Mask sensibility, LOL. ‘Rock’connaissance, hehe! If you haven’t already seen it a billion times, I think you’ll love it!

        1. Instant reply:

          *Marius states that he tried to watch Fellowship of the Ring and was bored*
          *Josh is incredulous and offended and makes a quick phone call*
          *Marius writes back to say his knees were broken by an unknown assailant who forced him into a chair to re-watch FOTR and now he has a newfound appreciation of it.*
          *Josh is pleased again.*

  4. Hi Josh,

    “My therapist says I should not be allowed to make lists.” This about made me fall off my chair! Never a truer word was spoken!! 😂😂

    And thank you for speaking plainly by ending this phrase with a proposition, “…willingly enslave myself to,…”

    But seriously, I do so enjoy escaping reality for a moment on Mondays to see what your creative mind has come up with next. 😊 Thanks for this precious reverie!

  5. Man! Good stuff. I audibly let out an “oof” at the mention of something I’m dying for that I have no business being allegiant to. That sums up a pretty significant area of my life right now, and only recently (with the help of my preciouses) have I been able to see that and start taking steps to remedy it. Thanks for helping validate and solidify that in my heart today.

    Also, I definitely had to look up what a tardigrade was. I regretted it.

  6. While I haven’t seen Lord of the Rings (I know I know….) I can easily list “my

    1. My family
    2. My fitness/nutrition
    3. My work (VO)

    18 months into raising my second child, I realized just how important these three things are to my wellbeing as I let numbers 2 and 3 on the list fall by the wayside. I need each of these EVERY DAY to feel like my best self.

    Also, thanks for your blog. It’s veteran talent like you who give me encouragement that I too may one day be someone people turn to for inspiration.

    1. Boy if #1 doesn’t impact #2…and #2 doesn’t impact #1. I myself am struggling with some energy issues right now and really need to get my butt in gear for #2. #1 and #3 are locked into place…but aside from sitting doing voiceovers (#3), I need more energy to spend more active time with my kiddos and my wife (#1). Coffee and occasional electrocution haven’t provided the needed stimulus. I’m actually going in to get my thyroid checked…

  7. I have always had a fondness for tardigrade. The name literally means “slow stepper”, which describes my style of dancing. Or walking on broken glass. It is very versatile.

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