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You know you're busy when...

Ever have no time to blog, or do any other precious activity?


As it was my wife's and my 9th wedding anniversary this past week (do I hear a Beatles "Number Nine" coming on?)...

Our Wedding

...and as I was busy producing my Streamlining your Voiceover Workflow in Reaper Training Modules which you should sign up for post-haste...

Mastering Reaper

...both took me out of commission for a bit.

So! What does one do when one has no time to write one's blog?  Why, rehash the best of previous favorites, that is what!  So, with that, I bid you enjoy Josh's best selection of Josh's Greatest Voiceover Blog Hits by Josh.

If you are new to the Voice Actor Blog, welcome.  If you are not new, then please do make sure you get a tune-up by following the links below.  Tune-ups and periodic maintenance are, after all, of critical importance to ensure that you are staying in tip-top voiceover shape.

And to keep you in tip-top shape for good, check out this fine selection of ten best recent reads that you may have missed:


  1. NO THANKS. I ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING: For those wonderful voiceover newbies who think they have it all already figured out. Allow me to clarify: they do not.  Nor do I,  after all this time, either.

  2. HOW NOT TO FLY A DRONE INTO A TREE: Keep your wits - and your vision - about you in voiceovers and in life.  You are going to need them.  And be nice to your mailman: someday you may need them.

  3. IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S ME: The perfect blog article to offend someone with.

  4. I KINDA LIKE BEING A STORYTELLER: As always, my 5-year-old makes excellent blog fodder.

  5. THE INTREPID TALE OF A VOICEOVER ARTIST IPHONE-ADDICT GUY: I am just going to go out on a limb here and invite any of my readers to always buy me the next generation iPhone.  Please.  I need it for voiceovers, I assure you.

  6. A MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR BIBBIDI-BOBBIDI-BOO: One of my favorites!  In this blog, I dash your voiceover hopes and dreams, and cause you to grovel in the dust.  What's that?  Oh, do not mention it!  You are most welcome.

  7. WHY I CHOSE VOICEOVERS INSTEAD OF ETERNAL TORMENT: Do you have a career that you loathe entirely and want to renounce for the glory of voiceovers?  I did too.  Left it behind like a cold, abandoned wet slice of soggy pizza drenched in a puddle of rain water after having been run over by the garbage truck on a Tuesday morning in the balmy suburbs of Chattanooga.

  8. LEARN HOW TO WRITE – AND THEN COME BACK AND HIRE ME: Yes, this one is about voiceover script writers.  Bad script writers.  Script writers who should not in fact be... script writers.

  9. THE SCINTILLATING SAGA OF VICTOR & VICKY VOICEOVER AND CARL THE CURIOUSLY COVERLESS COVID-GUY: I am not just another pretty face behind the mic.  I can wax poetic about social injustice like the best of them.  In this statement I presume that a group out there named "them" does in fact wax poetic about social injustice.  And finally...

  10. YOU DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!  Hey.  We are voice talent.  Bossing people around is our honorable profession.  Why else do you think I do it.  Read this blog.  It will be good, I assure you.  See?  I just bossed you again.  And you will probably obey.


Honorable mention just because: "THE 10-MILE VOICEOVER".  This one is great because I am positive I was almost eaten by a bear.


There!  I can check off my "Write a New Blog" task for this week with some glorious rehash, and I get to join the ranks of all of those sitcoms that were too lazy to come up with something new for that week, so they made you review all the best highlights.

You are cordially invited to put these in your pipe and RE-smoke them.



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22 thoughts on “An Unbloggy Blogless Voiceover Blog full of Bloggy Blogness”

  1. I remember the drone in the tree. That was great! How’s the guy doing up there with all the other stuff? Has he formed his own zip code yet? lol.

    I know the feeling of not having time to write on it because you have so much else screaming for your attention – kinda like a child, but with less compassion, LOL.

    Anyway, I liked this short skip down memory lanes that form a road. 😀
    Hope you enjoyed your anniversary! As my parents like to tell me: “Take a day off!!” haha.

          1. Same! For me, it’s a case of feeling like my circumstances don’t give me permission to really take a day off.

            I asked the LORD to put me in a place where I can “retire” super early, so I can focus solely on what HE has for me – the “work because I want to” place basically – not because the world is going to fall apart if I do, LOL.

  2. Haha, yeah all the best sitcoms seem to eventually have one of those episodes of “flashbacks”. Though they can sometimes be boring, it’s also always a great reminder of things. You remember those best moments as you watch and they still make you laugh again. Same here, going back and being reminded of some great advice that you may have forgotten or lost focus on is something to really help re-ignite the old flame. Thanks for non-bloggily adding the unblogiest of blogs to review the old blogs of bloginess that this unblog blogs about.

  3. Question:

    I signed up for your Reaper Training Modules, except I may have accidentally done it “pre-haste” (instead of “post-haste” as per the instructions in your blog post).

    1) Should I be worried and

    2) Does this break the Matrix?

  4. Seriously? Do you really think I have that kind of spare time to read? I can only spend so much time on the toilet! My legs go numb!
    Oh…look! What’s on daytime TV? Something shinny!

    Happy Anniversary Josh!

  5. My partner and I are watching Friends in our lunch breaks lately. It’s like our very own re-hash of all the most cringe-worthy bits of the 90’s. So bad. And yet we keep watching. 😂

    Totally going to steal this blog post format one day! Oh and maybe I’ll also ask my readers to buy me the newest Google Pixel. Wait, no, I’ll get them to buy me Source Connect!

    1. Thank you David! It’s because of Luigi and Marco. When they kidnapped my pet hamster Ralphie all those years ago, the one ransom demand that they made was that I blog perpetually. I never understood it either. I also never saw Ralphie again. Please say a prayer for him because I don’t know if he’s alive nor if I should just keep churning these things out in vain.

    1. Eeeek! Glad mine was on land, I guess. I just crashed it again this past Sunday. Luckily, the tree is only 8 feet tall, and it fell into the grass afterwards. Much more accessible, and no need for mailmen.

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