A Leap Forward to Look Back

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Much to give thanks for

Today is my birthday!  I’m 23…uh…again!  And as my all-time favorite book and movie trilogy is The Lord of the Rings, it’s appropriate to quote The Gaffer at the end of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, when he says “All’s well as ends better”!  What a great phrase.  You never know how a week will turn out.  I just finished last week with TWENTY-THREE scripts or job changes that resulted in more money in my pocket, and for that I’m enormously grateful.  Last week I had a record-breaking week, and that’s amazing, considering we’re in the middle of preparing for a move and still trying to find the home of our dreams.  These are uncertain times, to be sure, but they’re also frenetic times in the Alexander household.

There's lots going on.   And because of that, I had no time to write a blog.

Because of that, it’s time to pull out the oldest trick in the book: the rehashCosby Show did it.  Friends did it.  Seinfeld did it.  You know what I mean…it’s when sitcom writers are burnt out, or the union is striking, and they have no time or inclination to create something new.  So they reconstitute old material and peddle that for re-viewing.   Heck, even Letterman did it every night.  It's the "Best of."

So without further ado, I’m going to be all original and peddle the very same thing!

If you’ve utterly missed out and not been a longtime subscriber of The Voice Actor Blog, you’ll have missed some good ones along the way.  This blog is meant to inspire and encourage, and to bring laughter along your voiceover journey.  That’s the goal, anyway.

So, if you’re new, or perhaps have a short-term memory, here are some great blog entries from bygone days to put a skip in your step today!


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Voiceovers rule and Weddings suck.  A blog about how voiceovers rule and weddings suck. (I mean really, you must learn to infer content from blog titles.)

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Hey!  Whaddaya know, I DID come up with a blog for this week.  What's that?  Oh, it's no bother...You are welcome!!!  Happy Quarantine reading!




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10 thoughts on “A Leap Forward to Look Back”

  1. Ha, you have time to be funny even when you don’t have time to be funny! Well done Josh! 🙂

    And good luck with finding the perfect house!

  2. Hey, it’s good to be human sometimes (and not your superhuman alter-ego!). Honesty shows that you are grounded and doing what you can for your family and career. We all get weeks like this.
    I am glad you are keeping busy and good luck with the house hunting!

    1. Grounded. Grounded. Hmm. That word sounds like it should mean something to me. 🙂 I think we finally found our dream home at last. We’re heading down south to go see (experience!) it today. YAY! High hopes for this one…

  3. Thanks for the links to some oldies! And good luck on the house hunting, I was trying to sell/find a new house last fall/winter and it was a nightmare. So much energy and stress, two failed sales on ours, and no new home. Gave up when all this quarantine stuff started. Maybe some day.

    1. Aren’t oldies just the best?!?! And yeah baby: we’re heading down today to see it! Fingers crossed, Nevin! Can’t wait. Really looking forward to this. Now they just have to pick US over the numerous people vying for that home…here’s to hoping!

  4. You’re wonderful! And thanks for the memories. 😉 Not that I’ve been a long term resident of your blog. Speaking of which. Good luck with your house hunting, may you find something quickly, like before your current house sells. Take care, have fun, and be safe.

    1. No, YOU are wonderful, good sir! 🙂 Thank you for reading! We’re actually not listing our home until we have found the perfect one for us. So no pressure there at least, ha! But VERY excited for today!

  5. Nice little retrospective, love your “Best Of”. Needed the humor, well if it can be called that!
    All the Best in your home search and be Blessed by your past couple of weeks. I’ve been busy as well, seems Clients are starting to get things moving again.
    All the Best!

    1. Thank you so much, Lee! I appreciate you viewing and visiting and reading, and for the well wishes! Right back atcha. Have a wonderful restful yet productive weekend. Cheers!

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