My Interview With Mr. Nethervoice, Paul Strikwerda!

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

I had the EXTREME pleasure of interviewing Paul Strikwerda, aka "Nethervoice" today.  Paul is a very humble man with a powerful story, and years upon years of VO insight.

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Paul has survived a stroke AND a career in radio and TV.  He's got lots of stories to tell, and he tells them well.  He's Dutch, and he loves his big yellow Crocs.  I'm kind of fond of them too.  It was such a privilege to interview him!  I hope you get the chance to enjoy him as I did.

Make sure that you visit his website, subscribe to his blog and buy his book.

And if you're going to VO Atlanta, register for his X-Session! It will rock your world.

He's amazing, incomparable, and a truly humble soul. I was privileged to interview him.

Thank you Paul!

Part ONE

Part TWO


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