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Hi everyone! Happy 5th of July.  Hope you got some sleep last night after the big explosions.  My son Brennan and I had a blast watching them down the street from our house, and I could feel his little body quaking with nervous excitement as he bottlenecked back and forth, unsure of which way to look down which street for what may come next.  It was beautiful.

With that, there's one day left of work this week, and I wanted to send you into the weekend with some big news.

A long time coming

I'm taking a quick moment to announce something: something I've worked very hard to perfect since I officially launched my business structure in 2003. I've sown thousands and thousands of dollars into this, and it's helped me to revolutionize my operations. It's a trademarked product, and something specifically for Voice Talent. I'm supremely confident that it can greatly help you run and improve your Voiceover business, as well as be more effective in management. In fact, it's something I'm deeply proud of.

Without giving away the secret, mark your calendars. I'm going to do a Facebook Live session on Wednesday, July 10th from 2 to 3pm, and answer any questions, and do a live video demo. Without sounding arrogant, because that's just not who I am: this is something you need. Is it for everyone? No, because every one likes to conduct business their own way. However, I'm utterly confident that it will utterly benefit you.

How do you find out?

If you haven't done so already, join the Global Voiceover Artists Network, and look for another announcement from me soon *in the comments of this thread*, with the web address. Hope you can make it. The video will be available after the broadcast.

I'm excited to introduce you to FirstVoiceData TM. And that's all I'll say for now. 

I'd love to get a show of hands for all who are interested in viewing, so please respond in the comments of this Blog if you can make it.

The Facebook Live video will be broadcast from my Facebook page just FYI - so make sure and "like" that page in advance, so you can see it

Thanks again and get ready!


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