Why I wouldn’t go to VO Atlanta 2020 even if you paid me

VO Atlanta 2020.  *headshake* *facepalm*

Voiceover Industry Vets + Powerhouse Duo to Run VO Atlanta Conference

Waste of Time & Money

What a mammoth waste of money.  Horrible misuse of funds and time.  I mean, really?  Why on EARTH would I go to such a thing.  I went earlier this year, and what did I find?

  • Happiness. Yuck.
  • Social networking. Who needs it?
  • Learning opportunities. What for?
  • Improvement. What in the world would I require that for?
  • Mirth and mingling. Bleeeeeccccccccchhh…

I mean really???  The hotel was stunning and accommodating.  Ick.  The meals filled my belly and provided me sustenance to pay attention and drink in knowledge.  *eyeroll*.  I rubbed shoulders with voiceover heavyweights like Marc Scott, Tracy Lindlay, Paul Strikwerda, Tim Tippets, Cliff Zellman, Anne Ganguzza, Roy Yokelson, J Michael Collins, and more.  *yawn*


Why on earth would I go to something like that, where people are so disgustingly friendly, amicably sociable, uber networky, supportive and affirming, successfully chasing their dreams, and so freakishly talented?  What a colossal waste of my time and energy.  Fuggedaboutit.

  • Positivity.  No thanks.
  • Shared aspirations.  Um, no.
  • Constant hugging and lovey-dovey reunions.  I'm good.
  • Intensive training.  See ya.
  • Learning and growth.  Already done.
  • Rubbing shoulders with greatness.  Sorry, I dozed off.  What were you saying?
  • Celebration.  Uh...holiday hoobie whattie?

No thanks.  What would I even wear???


The Grinch

*Unfortunately Necessary Disclaimer pursuant to online ramblings: I WAS KIDDING.  I thoroughly LOVED VO Atlanta 2019 and can't wait to go back.  There.  That oughtta clear it up.


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