Voiceover Meetup – Why should I?

Voiceover Meetups - Why Should I?

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What a great question!  Meeting up with other VO talent?  Why should you indeed?  Here's why.  Read on.

Are you part of a local network of voiceover artists? Do you maintain contacts with other colleagues in the voiceover industry in order to rub shoulders, share wisdom, learn, glean, impart, etc.? If you don’t, this blog is for you.

Voiceover Artist Meetups - The App

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Why Meetup?

Meet up is a fantastic app first of all – if you haven’t downloaded it or you’re not familiar with the web version of Meetup, familiarize yourself with it today. It is a consortium of all kinds of different ideas, a melting pot of a billion different interests, and usually, if you’re in a major metropolitan area or near one, you can find any one of a number of groups representing those ideas, along with places and dates/times to get to get together with like-minded individuals.

You’ve heard the phrase "no man is an island unto himself."  Or, "grapes grow best in bunches."  Ultimately, if you're in voiceovers, you’re not a Lone Ranger, and you were never destined to be. In fact, one of the very first recommendations that is made to a newbie voice actor is to get a coach! Right away, there’s a heavy emphasis placed on relationship. That’s what Meetup is all about. Forming, cultivating, and sustaining relationships with colleagues and peers who have similar interests as you.

Voiceover Artist Meetups - Our Local Meetup

As the admin for the North Seattle and Everett Voiceover Meetup group, we currently have about 170 members, and we meet on a monthly basis.  Why do we do this?

Well for one, there are lots of new people interested in Voiceovers every month and new people join all the time. They’re interested in finding out a way to get started and Voiceovers and they want help and advice from those people who have gone before. Just like in any endeavor, you are prudent to seek out wisdom from those who have gone before you. Voiceovers is no different. It’s a career just like any other; but it’s a career dislike any other as well. There are unique challenges and unique needs in the voiceover industry. It behooves you to consult with someone who has established themselves as a successful voiceover artist to learn the in's-and-outs, the pro's and con's, and to help you explore the nooks and crannies, and figure out the best approach to success.

Voiceover Artist Meetups - Why I love our Meetup

As a voice artist myself, and someone who is seasoned in the industry, I absolutely love helping newcomersm, as well as networking with other vets. It is the most rewarding career and pursuit I’ve ever had, other than my faith and my family. As a vocation, voiceovers is utterly satisfying and uniquely fulfilling. There are different ways to go about it, sure, as there are with any industry in any location. But I received great wisdom from my coach, Scott Burns, on specific equipment that I would need, specific coaching that I would require, pitfalls to avoid, and just general advice and direction that focused on areas I had no idea about. I’m so glad I did that! My friendship with Scott remains to this day, and if I left my wife to marry anyone else, it would be Scott.  (He knows this.  He'll deny it.)

And - my friendship with my Meetup colleagues remains to this day!  We have monthly meet ups with featured speakers – all in an effort to promote the concept of rubbing shoulders with greatness, learning from established voice talent, noting down best approaches, honing your craft, and just general fellowship! We get together, we eat, we practice reading scriptures together, we share networking and training ideas, we hold workshops, we all do this in an effort to become better at what we do.

Voiceovers are fairly unique in that regard because it is such an edifying and uplifting community, and you definitely want to remain in contact with those who could help you navigate this career and become a success.

Voiceover Artist Meetups - What's Stopping You?

So what’s stopping you from joining your local voiceover Meetup? Are there no voiceover Meetups around you? Create one! It’s very easy to do in the Meetup app. I think you’ll be astonished to find how many budding voiceover artists there are in your area.

Are you shy? We have plenty of shy people in our group. Many people in the voiceover industry have chosen this particular industry because they don’t like acting in front of people (I'm one of them!)  Or they’re not quite as gregarious as the next guy.  Voiceovers allow them to “come out of their shell" as it were, behind closed doors, and perform without prying eyes judging their every move. They use their voice to tell a story. And that allows them to grow in their craft and in their humanity.

Voiceover Artist Meetups - Not just for Voiceovers!

Meetup is a wonderful app that allows you to not only connect with local voiceover artists, but other interests as well:

  • Do you like singing?
  • Do you like cooking?
  • Do you want to surround yourself with people of similar faith?
  • Do you want to go to sporting events with friends?
  • Heck, do you simply want to MAKE new friends?

Meetup is wonderful – it gets a two thumbs up rating from yours truly - and I highly, highly recommend it. Don’t go it alone. Connect with others who can help you establish yourself and grow not only as an artist but also as a person. Visit www.meetup.com today!

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