I am a Voice Talent and I wear makeup

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I take my makeup with me everywhere I go

Do you wear makeup?  What type do you prefer?  Do you like mascara?  Eyeliner?  Lipstick?  Rouge?  Foundation?  Blush?  How the heck do I know about all these terms???

As a voice talent, I LOVE my makeup.  It helps me feel confident!  I wear it because I am ready to take on the world when I wear it.  When I wear makeup, I feel equipped and valuable and a person of worth.  I especially like that cucumbery stuff.

Why do you wear makeup?  Do you wear it because otherwise you fear people tossing out phrases from Wesley in the Princess Bride?  Or do you wear it because you're really confident in how it makes you feel?

How makeup helps a Voice Talent

What does makeup do for you?  Does it:

  • Make you feel pretty?
  • Equip you with confidence?
  • Help you be social?
  • Impart to you abilities you didn't have before?
  • Allow you to be more than you were before
  • Help you really let loose in the studio and be that saucy individual you've always wanted to be but were too shy to be in front of people?

As a voice talent, I could NOT survive without my makeup.  I really must have it...day in and day out.

My makeup is absolutely critical to who I am as a voice talent.

What's my Voiceover makeup?

I think by now you've discovered that we're not talking about prettying up your face.  That would be too easy.

Actually, we're talking about what makes you you, and me, me.

As a voice talent, I can look back at my entire life and see skills and tendencies and behaviors and formative experiences that have led me to where I am, and who I am, today.  They've brought me to today, with a whole host of knowledge and skills and insight and perception and readiness to be who I am, and to be successful at what I want to do.

Since I was a child, I thought a certain way, I handled things a certain way, I behaved a certain way.  Through the myriad jobs that I've worked at in my years, including fourteen of them from 2003 to 2007, I kid you not - they've helped me assemble a cache of skills and abilities to be successful at voiceovers.

I see administration and management from the associated jobs that I've had in management.  I see creativity in when I was a professional singer.  I see continuous laughter and comedy from my youth.  I see leadership and guiding people from the teaching roles I've held.  I see marketing prowess from the various marketing jobs that I've held.

ALL of this goes into a melting pot that is called Joshua Alexander, Seattle Voiceover Artist / Voice Actor / Voice Talent, or whatever it is that you choose to call me.  I choose to call myself a professional male Voiceover Artist - and with that moniker comes a LOT of history.  A lot of background went into who I am today, and I can confidently assert that I was made, nay, destined, to be a successful voiceover artist.

I can see the:

  • administration and management I've learned, equipping me to run a sound business
  • creativity from my singing and artistic days equipping me to design my logo and imagery, my business branding, my letterhead, and my marketing materials
  • laughter and comedy funneling into many of the performances I've done, and equipping me with inspiration in the posters, memes and infographics I've designed
  • leadership and guiding people equipping me to teach and hold workshops and potentially coach some day
  • marketing prowess equipping me to reach out to customers and engage in self-promotion to provide work for myself

All of this comes from confidence in past traits and learned behaviors.  All of this comes from my makeup, which I wear proudly.

What's YOUR Voiceover makeup?

What went into you?  What makes you unique and allows you to be successful?  Can you look back on various jobs that you've held, and recognize and pinpoint formative elements that are assisting in your success today?  How about the opposite?  Anything holding you back, based on what you've learned, been taught, or experienced?  You can have new wiring...you can have new makeup.  It could be that many of those negative formative elements can actually be flipped on their heads and you can - albeit perhaps with some determined effort - focus in on the inherent positive within them.  Maybe adversity taught you resilience.  Maybe hardship taught you to push through.  Maybe depression and isolation is currently teaching you that it's actually ok to lean on others.  There are myriad voiceover communities on Facebook and elsewhere, such as this one, that would just love to reach out to you and offer you support in your race to be free.

Today is the day to recognize your makeup and wear it proudly.

I'm Joshua Alexander, and I approve this message, and my makeup.

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