VO Atlanta – and why you need to go!

Why do I need to go to VO Atlanta?


VO Atlanta. Oh. My. Gosh. Every Voice Actor's paradise!

If you're a voice actor, there is NO reason why you should not be going to this. None. You gotta go there! It was simply incredible.

What was it like?

I went from Wednesday, March 27th through Sunday March 31st. 5 days of paradise. For a voice actor like me, I really needed this. I'd heard about it, but just never made the trip myself. I'm more of a homebody, and I like to be here working. But I needed this badly...us voice actors like to be in our studios. We like to record. We go in there, we use our voice, we turn into actors, we act, and then we come out and be real people again. But we do it SO much, that we need to actually get out, unzip the voice actor costume, and then go out and meet real people in the real world! It's critical, and it's healthy, and it's everything we need to do.

I met SO many people there. I met voice actors from all across the world - one even from India! - here's looking at you Manish! - and I got to meet some of my heroes, like Tracy Lindlay, Paul Strikwerda, Marc Scott, Tim Tippetts, Cliff Zellman, Anne Ganguzza, and Kay Bess. I got to rub shoulders with greatness! And others got to rub shoulders with me. We were all a huge community of people who like voice acting and really love to get behind the mic and do their thing, and to move people. We learned, we grew, we ate together, and it was nothing short of incredible.

What did I do while I was there?

I took three X-Sessions and two breakout sessions. All kinds of voice actors from all walks of life were there, at varying stages in their voice actor careers and pursuits. All of us pushing toward a common goal: bettering ourselves. The three X-Sessions are an additional cost beyond the normal admission price of the conference. They were $150 each. I took Tracy Lindlay's LinkedIn session, Tim Tippett's Audio Workflow session, and Paul Strikwerda's Goal's session. Beyond that I took Jeff Howell's Agents breakout session, and Anne Ganguzza's Commercial Voiceovers breakout session.

In between sessions I got to meet and network with SO many people! Voice actors are human too. Man, they're good. But MAN they're human too!

What is the community like?

We ALL want to make our mark in this world. We all strive to be the best we can be, and to be a success. But you don't really feel any striving in the voice actor community. Voiceover artists - the lot of them - are very, very supportive of one another! There is a genuine sense that we all want the best for each other. We GENUINELY want the best for each other. I don't know of many other communities, save church, where you'll find people that so want other people to succeed. Why would I want a competing voice actor to succeed? Why would I want that? Because their success is my success. I want them to succeed because we all share a victory of expression, performance, delivery, and winning. It truly is winning for all of us.

Where is it held?

VO Atlanta is held at the Atlanta Airport Hilton, and it's a wonderful hotel...clean, organized, and a perfect venue with lots of breakout rooms for our community. This year we had about 750 voice actors with us!

OK, when is the next VO Atlanta?

Mark your calendars, all your established voice actors, and voice actors in the making! You'll want to mark down March 26-29 for "Envision 2020" VO Atlanta! Don't miss it.

Be a part of the Team Challenge as I was - check out our winning entry here from Team 2, aka "Superhero Sandwich" - what a blast! Join the X-Sessions! Visit VO Atlanta's page today and sign up or check around for more info. You'll be glad you did! I, a voice actor, and the whole voice actor community look forward to meeting you there!

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Joshua Alexander
Seattle Voice Actor & Voiceover Talent for hire

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