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Why Should I Use Social Media To Share My Voice Over Work?

So you’re a voice actor, and you’re not really sure how much you’re supposed to just be throwing yourself out there all over the social networks and being active with your business. It’s a business, but you’ve got recordings to do and auditions to do… And do all of these people really want to follow up with you anyway? Do they really care about all of your postings about viral cat videos and food plates and family pictures?

Well the answer to those last three things is no.

But what IS true is you have an incredible opportunity to be of encouragement and of education to the hordes of newbies out there who are just starting out, who want to know how to get into voiceovers, who needs steering in the right direction, and most of all, need encouragement.

Voiceover Talent on Social Media - The Why

There’s a lot to wade through in terms of social media but you can definitely target yourself as a social media I kind of sorts by making yourself available to people that follow you. For advice, for encouragement, for information, for whatever. "Grapes grow best in bunches", they say. And you have a wonderful platform in front of you across all your social media channels in which to connect with not only clients, but also fellow talent who want to hear from you.

Voiceover Talent on Social Media - LinkedIn

As a voiceover talent, I am privileged to be able to share a number of different channels with a number of different audiences. LinkedIn, it's a given: I use that for business. I use LinkedIn as a social network in order to market to potential clients and to connect with them in a very tangible way through real communication and social engagement. Don’t forget that social media networking has the operative word right at the beginning of its title: social. The key is to engage with people… To connect with them on a social level, not try to sell them your services and pour your commercial spiel right down their throat every time you post something. Social media gives you a great venue in order to connect with people and to share what’s going on with you personally, what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling, and other issues that may or may not be of concern to other people. But LinkedIn is a great way to connect with potential clients and so as a social network, you have that ability.

Voiceover Talent on Social Media - The Others

As far as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you have a great audiences and capabilities to connect with not only clients but also voiceover talent who are longing to hear from you. There are those who are starting out who need direction and equipment, and advice on software, technique, marketing, networking, meet-up’s, social activity, business start up and licensing, etc.

I love the phrase from the first Spiderman movies with Toby McGuire: “with great power, comes great responsibility.“

Never forget that – if you’re developing a following on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter for example, use that platform respectfully, not as a political rant or a podium to cast your religious beliefs. A smidgen of that here and there is tolerable for most, as it allows people to see into your life and understand more about what makes you you.  But use your podium as an opportunity and a means to connect with people and edify and educate them. Newbie talent look to you for direction.

Voiceover Talent on Social Media - My Favorite

I absolutely love Instagram, it’s my preferred network of choice between Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  LinkedIn goes for itself as far as business networking, and I love the opportunities that it presents me. But from a social standpoint on a more human level, I really do enjoy Instagram. I love creating memes and infographics and sharing those with people. I love the one minute videos that I can record and share. I often receive comments back from other voice talent that say, "I never knew this existed!" (a tip or trick) or they thank me so much for sharing something that is a particular encouragement to them.

Voiceover Talent on Social Media - Get to the point

What am I saying with all of this?

As a voiceover talent, there are other voiceover talent who are watching you. There are other voiceover talent who are listening to you. Voiceover talent are waiting to hear what you have to impart and see what you have to say on a particular issue concerning voice acting. If you’ve acquired any sort of seasoned status as a veteran, or a pro, you’ll have a lot more experience than the average person, and you can share that with people in these forums.

Voice actors are just like human beings and just like you and me: they want to connect, they want to follow, And they want to learn. You could be a great teacher if you choose to.

So network with people! Be social!

Here's a recent interview I did, and here and there we talk about the importance of social networking.

The audience is waiting.


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