“Where can I find a Voice Actor?

“Where can I find a Voice Actor?”

What a good question!  You’ve found a GREAT one right here!  That’s the question that a LOT of people are asking: “Where can I find a Voice Actor?”  The answer?

Find them directly.  NOT through voiceover marketplaces.  Though plentiful in talent (and in non-talent, meaning no offense), they are rife with lots of potential for misunderstanding, uncomfortable bidding war situations, policies and TOU mazes, and of course, audition fatigue.  You want ONE good voice to deal with and to rely on for a long period of time.  So where do you find them?

Easy.  Google your local search results.  For me, it works by “Seattle voice actor”.  Or “Seattle voiceover artist”.  Or “Seattle voice talent.”  Well, I’m all three: they all mean the same.  The answer to the question “Where can I find a good Voice Actor?” is you’re looking at their page right now.  Not to toot my own horn, but (toot-toot!) I’ve been doing voice actor work since 1993, and I’d be glad to serve you!  With Joshua Alexander as your voice actor, you’ll have someone extremely dependable, reliable, full of integrity, trustworthy, and with super-quick turnaround!  I usually turn client projects around in under 3 hours during business hours, depending on script length.  At the very least, if it’s a lengthy one like E-Learning, I’m starting the project and in the studio recording.  I work from home, and so I’ve got my studio right here, and it’s custom-built, and it’s quiet, and it’s broadcast-level quality, so there’s no hassle for you and no worry about it sounding good.

Another perk for you is that I’m very accessible.  Whereas many of the marketplace sites for the question “Where can I find a Good Voice Actor?” generally restrict you to THEIR site, and THEIR allowances on communication methods, you can Facetime me, Skype me, Zoom me, Instagram me, LinkedIn me, Facebook me, Pinterest Me, Tweet me, call me, or email me.  I’m here.  I’m ready and eager to produce for you.  I have a great passion for voice acting and it’s my career and my life.  And my LOVE.  I truly LOVE being a voice actor, and having the rich privilege of being able to step into a role and produce, and be able to provide you a great voice for assimilation into your project.  If you’re searching for a good voice actor, the answer is that you’ve found one who really truly loves what they do, and my reviews all speak for themselves across Yelp, Google Local, Facebook, and of course the P2P sites that I’m on.

Sure, you can go online and post a job in one of the voiceover marketplaces or P2P’s (Pay to Play’s) and hope that you reel someone in who is going to *hopefully* (fingers crossed!) be a reliable voice actor and deliver on time, and deliver what they’ve promised to you.  And you hope that their resume is true and accurate, and not embellishment.  This is very rampant in this industry, as it is in many industries.  You want someone who IS who they say they are.  My clients will all attest that I’m super quick on delivery, and I overdeliver on my promises, rather than overpromise and underdeliver.  That’s the surefirest way to lose a client…and mine all stay with me and keep coming back.

I’ve been doing voice acting in many capacities for a very, very long time now.  I know the tricks of the delivery, the intonation, and how to wear different hats for you with the vocal style that you’re needing.

So if you’re looking for a reliable voice actor, someone you can count on for the long haul so that you don’t have to continually switch it up and start the hunt all over again for yet another hopefully reliable voice actor, voice talent, or voiceover artist, let me assure you that I’m the voice for you.  I’m no flake, and you don’t want the hassle of a flake.  You want and need and DESERVE someone reliable and there for you, so that you don’t have to go back online and ask “Where can I find a good Voice Actor?”  That question is getting old, isn’t it???  🙂

You’re here.  You’ve found me.  And I’m here for you and ready to deliver on my promises, at affordable rates and with super quick turnaround.  And wouldn’t it also be a delight to have someone who is truly grateful, who employs a spirit of gratitude and is genuinely a nice guy, with manners, who tells you “thank you for choosing me”?  Wouldn’t that be a breath of fresh air?  Well, I’m here, and I’m that, for you.

Download my complete Voiceover Talent press kit with demo reel, or Request a quote today.  Cheers, and thanks for considering me!

Joshua Alexander
Seattle Voice Actor & Voiceover Talent for hire

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