Where can I find a voice actor?

"Where can I find a Voice Actor?" - Great question!

Great question.  And it begs a question back from me to you: It's my guess that you have some kind of project in the works that requires a voice actor, yes?  Well, the answer to "Where can I find a Voice Actor?" is "Right here!"  But...as with most things, it's a bit more complex than that...so let's dive deeper. 🙂

"Where can I find a Voice Actor?" - Where are they?

I'm a Seattle Voice actor, so, clearly, I'm a voice actor in Seattle.  I'm a male voice actor in Seattle, in fact!  That's what I do.  So you could Google "Seattle male voice actor", and you'd find me.  You'd find a few people.  Or you can look on sites like Indeed, Upwork, Freelancer, Voiceovers.com, VOPlanet.com, TheVoiceRealm.com, Bodalgo.com, Voices.com, and Voice123.com.  Lots of voice actor voiceover marketplace websites exist, and they don't just feature Seattle voice actors!  They feature lots of areas, lots of types, both genders, and lots of different styles!  As a Seattle voice actor, I operate out of my home (in Lynnwood, near Seattle), and I perform voiceover services through voice acting.  We're all over the place...just Google us.

"Where can I find a Voice Actor?"- What am I looking for?

Aside from "Where can I find a Voice Actor?" - which is a great question, by the way! - you can be asking How much will they cost, How do I hire them?, etc..  A great question to ask is "What should I be looking for in a Voice Actor?"  The answer to that is varied and diverse.  Ultimately, you should be looking for a voice actor who is a BUSINESSPERSON.  Someone with acumen enough to run their business officially, to not treat voiceovers or voice acting as a hobby, thus, treating you with respect and not wasting your time.  Because you really want a voice actor who is going to be responsible with not only your time, but also your script, and your money.  You have a job to do, and you need a voice actor who is going to get it right the first time around.  You want no hassle.  You want sensitivity to your schedule.  You want quick turnaround.  You want real, genuine voice talent.  You want someone who is easy to work with and will get the script correct.  You want them to deliver.  And you deserve to have them do so!  Voice actors, the majority of them, are incredibly talented.  And you're going to want someone who isn't only talented with voice acting, but also running a voice actor business.

"Where can I find a Voice Actor?"- What are we doing?

As a Seattle-based voice actor, it's my job to be here when you need me, to field inquiries properly and quickly, and, once booked, to record your script quickly, professionally, correctly, and with style and panache.  It's my job as a voice actor to get you exactly what you're looking for. So if you're looking for a Voice Actor, you've found a GREAT one right here.  Visit my voice demo reel to hear my samples.  Read my reviews to see what clients have said and are saying about me.  Check out my client list.  I've been a Seattle voice actor for a long time, thus the domain name.  I've got a wide and storied experience list to draw upon, and lots of different accents and voiceover voices to present to you.  I'd love to serve you!

"Where can I find a Voice Actor?"- Lots of places

So ultimately, you can look on the voiceover marketplaces, and you'll find me there.  You can look in blog posts, on job sites like Upwork and Freelancer and Indeed.  You can look on direct websites.  You can even look on Craigslist!  "Where can I find a Voice Actor?"  Everywhere.  We're everywhere, and we're waiting to serve you.  I'd personally love to, so check me out today!

Looking forward to bringing your script to life.  Cheers!

Request a quote here.  Or visit my Voiceover Talent Demo Reel.

Joshua Alexander
Seattle Voice Actor & Voiceover Talent for hire

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