Where do I find Voice Talent?

Where do I find Voice Talent? Well, in a nutshell (do people explain things in a nutshell anymore?) – it’s easy!  Here’s a good nutshell: I have the answer.  You’re asking “Where do I find Voice Talent?”  The answer is we’re all over interwebs, sitting behind our computers, waiting for you to find us.  Maybe you’ve had contact with us on LinkedIn.  Maybe Facebook.  Or you’ve seen a paid ad on Instagram.  Or Google Adwords.  Or a man standing on the sidewalk ringing his bell and wearing a sandwich board that says ‘Will voice for food.’  Voice talent are everywhere! “Where do I find Voice Talent?” you ask?  Right here.  I’m a Voice Talent with over 26 years experience, and some great and well-known companies have trusted me to tell their story, including Nutrisystem, Wrangler, Cadillac, Microsoft, Unicef, John Deere, 4Ocean, Bona, Ecolab, University of Washington, Snuffbooks, Juvilee, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Deloitte, and more.  I’ve been SO proud and privileged to be able to voice for these companies, and to know that I’m a part of their story is absolutely thrilling. Sure, there are lots of “marketplaces” you can go to, such as the pay-to-play sites, where you’re met with having to put up a credit card, fill out an assurance agreement, put money into escrow, and send out a massively wide net that lures in hundreds of voice talent and perhaps even more auditions than you’re prepared to listen to.  You develop audition fatigue fast.  Seriously!  You can get swamped by the response.  Such a wide net does really bring in a lot of possibilities, but ultimately, what you’re really looking for is connection.  You want to find a voice talent, and somebody you can perhaps even work with for the long haul.  On many of these sites, there’s a lot of hobbyists, and people who don’t have the necessary training and business acumen to be able to effectively deliver what you’re looking for.  So you’re back to Square One, and you have to re-audition.  With someone like myself, you can rest assured knowing that you’re going to have someone with over two decades under their belt, and know that other companies and voice seekers like you have trusted him to represent their good name on the air…on TV…in E-Learning projects…on their websites…in the movie theaters.  You want someone you can trust. So Google us. You’ll find us online.  We’re there.  But the answer to your question “Where do I find voice talent” is basically right under your fingers.  You’re typing to him right now, and I would genuinely love to partner with you.  I could provide references that would all tel you that I have dynamite turnaround time and impressive range.  Coupled with affordable pricing and timely delivery. Below is an infographic describing what a voice talent can do for you.  Perhaps that will help illustrate the effectiveness of having someone trusted carry your powerful message.  But there’s a lot more to it than that.  You need someone to do the job right, and to partner with you like they actually believe in your message.  Hi, I’m Joshua Alexander, and I approve of your message. 🙂 voice voiceover voiceacting elearning explainervideo narration audiobook instructionalvideo targetaudience videoproduction improveproductivity connect Let me know if I can partner with you.  You ask where do I find voice talent.  I answer, I’m here and ready to serve you.  Voiceovers are my career, I LOVE doing them, and I’ve been able to do them for over two decades now, full time, from home, bringing scripts to life and partnering with the most awesome and incredible clients all over the world: The US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, England, Scotland, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and many more places.  Some really big names have said “We want to find voice talent.”  And then they heard Joshua Alexander and said “We want him.”  But that wasn’t enough….I delivered for them.  So they then started saying “We want Joshua Alexander again and again.”  And that’s what I want every single client of mine to say. I’d love to work with you as my client and have you say the same thing.  Answer?  You’ve found your voice right here.  Cheers, and I look forward to working with you! Contact me, or Request a custom quote here. Sincerely, Joshua Alexander Seattle Voiceover Artist / Voice Talent / Voice Actor for hire joshua@voicetalentseattle.com 206.557.6690 www.saysomethingjosh.com www.joshygoo.com www.joshyface.com www.joshygram.com www.joshylinked.com www.joshytweet.com www.joshyvids.com]]>

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