2019 is upon us

2019 is upon us!

It’s going to be an incredibly exciting year!  There are going to be successes and failures. There are going to be more opportunities than I can count. It’s going to be phenomenal in so many ways It’s going to be phenomenal in so many ways. It’s going to be wonderful, and fraught with frustration. I’m going to get projects and lose them, I’m going to lose projects and get them. it’s going to be up’s and downs, lefts and rights, backwards and forwards. I’m looking forward to the new names that I’m going to add to my roster, I’m excited about the vast plethora of opportunities that await. I’m excited about networking and getting together with people and talking over new projects and new possibilities. I’m looking forward to serving existing clients with new projects. I’m ready to broaden my scope and my reach. I’m jazzed about doing upcoming workshops. I’m jazzed about learning. I’m jazzed about teaching. I’m jazzed, period! When it comes to voiceovers, nothing I’ve ever done for a career has ever been even remotely as enjoyable, satisfying, fruitful, productive, or in any way shape or form comparable to the level of satisfaction that I receive from doing voice overs. They are a phenomenal pursuit in every way. To know that I am the voice for 4Ocean and Nutrisystem for example, those are huge names and they reach all over the world! And I get to be the person encouraging people to join, to sign up; I’m the voice that is the call to action!  I’m the voice that comes on and exhorts them to do better, to contribute, to be a part of a solution, that drives them and motivates them to include themselves in this wonderful pursuit. I’m looking forward to sending out contracts and seeing them come back approved. I’m looking forward to sending out auditions and seeing myself sign as the voice. I’m looking forward to sending out my contracted recordings and having them come back approved from the get go, requiring no punch-ins. It’s a rare stroke of luck that I hit gold the first time around, but I love it when I do! I’m looking forward to new projects, new additions, new clients, new excitement, new opportunities, new networking, new, new, new, new! And all within the confines of this great thing called voiceovers. When I was a kid, I would always make funny voices and really study accents and talk in them as much as I could – I never had the foggiest idea or clue that doing so would eventually become a career. I’m thoroughly grateful with every fiber of my being. BRING ON 2019.  I’m grateful for it, I’m ready for it, and I’m hitting it head-on with enthusiasm, grit, determination, pride, humility, passion, excitement, level-headedness, professionalism, polish, tact, wishes, aspirations, hopes, goals, and everything else that comes with living the dream. Joshua Alexander Seattle Voiceover Artist / Voice Talent / Voice Actor for hire joshua@voicetalentseattle.com 206.557.6690 www.saysomethingjosh.com www.joshygoo.com www.joshyface.com www.joshygram.com www.joshylinked.com www.joshytweet.com www.joshyvids.com]]>

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