Ode to Stars and Likes

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Used by permission from Sean MacEntee via Creative Commons

You did an audition, and you NAILED it!  It was FANTASTIC!  And you're TOTALLY sure you're gonna GET it! ALL CAPS!!!!  So.....
Why didn't you?  Why did they only give you one out of 4 stars?  You provided exactly what they were looking for, you listened to it...you had others listen to it....everybody agrees it sounds just like what they were wanting.  So why did you get 1 out of 4 stars?  Why did you only get a "listen" icon and not a "like" icon?  Why did they never respond?
You'll never know.  And you'll never need to.  It might be their bad day.  It might have absolutely zero to do with you.  It might be something completely unrelated.  Advice?  Keep working on your other might's in the meanwhile: you might land this other job.  You might get an agent.  You might score a massive contract.  You might get picked up for a radio interview.  FOCUS. ON. THOSE.  The no-like icons and the low stars mean nothing.  YOU'RE the star.  And all of your past and present clients obviously like you.  Chin up, soldier.  You got this.
Joshua Alexander
Seattle Voiceover Artist / Voice Talent / Voice Actor for hire