TEN YEARS! OK. I just have to say. I LOVE what I do. I get to voice your projects! Since 2008 I’ve been able to voice 427 projects, many of whom are repeat clients. I’m SO grateful for every one: they allow me to connect you to your clients with a human voice, they allow me to have fun, they allow me to put bread on my table for my wife and son. Thanks to ALL of you for this rich privilege! When I step into that booth and start recording, getting up close and personal with the mic, it’s just an incredible experience breathing life into a script and then hearing back that a client loved my work. Rarely do I hit gold on the first try – always a few punch-ins here and there – but it’s so refreshing to hear that I was able to help bring your vision to life. I’m just giddy with joy and excitement and gratitude that I get to do what I do. It’s been 10 years today, and I’m so incredibly grateful for this past decade of fun, success, teamwork & partnership. I’ve been doing them since 1995, but full time since 2008…and I wouldn’t trade this past decade for anything. Thank you to all my wonderful clients and friends for choosing me!
Joshua Alexander
Seattle Voiceover Artist / Voice Talent / Voice Actor for hire