Punch-Ins, Re-reads and Bears, Oh My

Punch-Ins, Re-reads and Bears, Oh My! So I do lots of jobs of course.  Some of those come back with new directions and instructions, even when I've read them the exact way the client wanted me to read them.  What happens then?  Do I huff and puff and blow their house down?  Maybe.  But big bad wolfs don't belong in this business.  Ultimately, I need to suck in my pride and just redo it.  It's all about customer satisfaction, and I understand that sometimes the client THINKS their script is final, and THINKS they know what sound they want, but that can change over time due to a variety of circumstances.  So I just need to roll with the punches.  After all...there's a bright side.  I get to go back into the studio and record again.  🙂 Joshua Alexander ∙ Website ∙ Email Seattle Voiceover Artist Talent for hire]]>