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Greetings fellow Voice Talents and other carbon-based lifeforms!  Thank you so much for visiting The Voices In My Head Blog, an insightful Voiceover edutainment blog. Whatever you do, don't forget to subscribe, share, and enjoy!

Joshua Alexander is the prolific author of this blog: a hilarious and satirical look at life through the eyes of a voiceover talent.  Josh used to maintain an informational blog, but felt his true calling was "edutainment", and thus, The Voices In My Head Blog was born.  Check it out and subscribe!

  • You'll laugh!  (It's unavoidable.)
  • You'll cry!  (Josh cuts onions over each post.)
  • You'll subscribe! (resistance is futile.)


Enjoy loads of inspiration and laughter along your voiceover journey, as you absorb each wonderful blog written in the style of Dave Barry, with comical inspirations from Steven Wright, Mitch Hedberg, Brian Regan and Demetri Martin.

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Josh is the author of the Super Voiceover Artist Book Trilogy, producer of several video training courses, designer of FirstVoiceData(TM) voiceover CRM, SuperVoiceoverDocs, as well as a dedicated voiceover business coach.

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